Shalwar Kameez, Make you Remarkable for all Occasions

Shalwar Kameez, Make you Remarkable for all Occasions

The mighty ensemble that never gets out of fashion Through the centuries, this particular classic attire has stood strong against changing times and adapted to the latest fashion trends. This evolution of the shalwar kameez, harmonizing its roots, has been at the forefront of the men’s fashion industry. Kameez shalwar makes your look remarkable and memorable, bringing a touch of emotion, the essence of sensitivity, and affection.

And not just this, this traditional attire can be styled in many ways possible, making each look different and elegant. And it's not limited to just shalwar and kameez; it can be accessorized with waistcoats, watches, shawls, rings, and footwear, enhancing the overall look and appearance. Explore how the Kameez Shalwar helps you stand out by choosing the ideal outfit for the right occasion.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Shalwar Kameez

Before buying a kameez shalwar, one should be thorough enough to understand which style, fabric, color, and design would go with the occasion they are making the purchase for. There are countless stunning options to choose from or use as inspiration before planning to get a new outfit. However, two things that can't be compromised are the fabric and the fitting. These two play a significant role in creating the overall classy look and feel that one desires. The right fabric and the right choice define the quality and appearance, elevate the design, and make a lasting impression. This blog will help you learn the art of recognizing the elements you need to look for that resonate with your personal style and personality.

Why the Fabric is the Heart of an Outfit?

To ensure the outfit meets both the functional and aesthetic requirements of an individual, it's important to understand the elements of fabric. Here are some aspects you need to consider before choosing a fabric:

  • The fabric's breathability considering how comfort is paramount for certain occasions.
  • For creating a sophisticated elegant look, fabric that creates a natural luxurious drape should be considered like silk for particular festive occasions
  • Durability is essential, considering garments are washed and worn repeatedly. While choosing be sure to check if they are resilient and can be used frequently.
  • Men usually prefer clothes that have the wrinkling resisting element preferably the new generations when it comes to choosing shalwar kameez/ fabrics like polyester and cotton.
  • Texture enhances the overall look. Fabrics like silk, velvet, and satin give a polished luxurious appearance.
  • While exploring formal wear that can hold embroidering and embellishments, consider fabrics that give an extra touch of charm to your final outfit.

Choosing the Right Fabric


It's abundantly used for making a shalwar suit. This particular fabric is known for its breathability. The material's texture is vaporous and spongy and thus can be worn in hot and torrid environments. It's comfortable yet requires a lot of maintenance as it gets crimpled easily and requires frequent washing and ironing. Lightweight Cotton is easy to use when mixed with other fabrics for shalwar kameez and kurtas.


Linen is soft and comfy. It's made from a combination of linen and cotton and is best suited for hot, sweaty climates. It's preferred by the younger generation the most as it has an absorbing quality that dries up quickly. Linen is a casual wear as it gets crimpled easily like cotton. One can use these during long travels, and at college.


Khaddar is widely used for shalwar kameez during winter. It’s known for its durability, timeless comfort, and class. It is usually worn as a formal wear. However nowadays khadi khaddar can also be styled in all seasons, it is lighter in weight and is perfect for sunny winters, autumn evenings, summers, and spring.


Who says wool is out of fashion? This is the one fabric that has always been a wardrobe staple. From being used as eastern wear to layered up with western wear like sweaters, and overcoats. Blending both fashion styles has been a trend in winter. So, if you're in search of comfort and something warm in winter, this should be your choice of priority.


The glossy silky fabric is considered light, and delicate, with a shiny smooth surface. The smooth fabric can be comfortably worn in summer as it feels cool; against the skin. It used to be an everyday choice to wear during the Mughal dynasty. The fabric gives a luxurious appearance. Silk is trendy in the Pakistani market. It can be an everyday wear to formal wear. This can be a choice for all occasions from formal to casual.


One of the most sensuous fabrics known for its royal vibe. It’s a type of silk which is known for its purity. The look is unmatched as it comes from a pure silk cocoon. It’s a champion of all seasons due to its durability and gleaming look. It looks sophisticated when worn at weddings or any traditional event.


Poplin fabric is one of the types of polyester, that is prominent in the men's shalwar suit. It's long-lasting and has good wrinkle resistance but not recommended to wear in warmer regions.


It has been a part of the Pakistani fashion industry since the Mughal era. This fabric is made with silk and pashmina with unique patterns and designs. Unique weaving techniques are used to create different ornate designs with silk or polyester-like floral motifs and geometric designs. It's mostly used on occasion, like mehndi’s and mayoun.

So Which Style is Right for You?

A man’s personality is known by the way he dresses up. So, styling up to look presentable is important for both genders. Men should be thorough when it comes to fit, and color because these play an important role in enhancing the overall appearance. While choosing a fabric, a few factors should be considered the place to be worn, the occasion you are buying for, the season, and your personal style. All of these play a key role in choosing a fabric that is suitable for your personality.

Fusion of Fabrics:

This is a new trend adopted by designers in Pakistan and is highly used to create formal menswear for wedding occasions. This unique approach involves combining fabrics like silk, velvet, chiffon, khaddar, and jamawar. This gives off an expert-made suit with unique pattern blends, textures, and colors. This is the perfect portrayal of embracing heritage and style. Some styles that are trending:

  • Wearing velvet coats embellished with intricate embroidery pairing it up with a silk kurta, trousers, and kheri. This is usually recommended to combine using a matching technique. Neutral kurta with vibrant colored coats or going with a full monochromatic vibe
  • Italian cotton satin is the premium choice for a kurta pajama if you are looking to style it for a traditional wedding event with a formal coat. This gives a modern classy look when contrasted with a perfect-colored waistcoat.
  • The royal Boski shalwar suits make you stand out from the crowd. It is an ideal choice for formal wear. When paired with a prince coat this can make you look professional and elegant. You can always color contrast or go with a monochromatic look according to the occasion.
  • Jamawar, the heart of wedding events nowadays, jamawar Prince coats are the best choice if you want a traditional modern regal vibe. These can be customized according to our style and occasion, from minimalistic plain cloth to intricate embroidery around the neck and sleeves, to fully embellished prince coats, paired with kameez shalwar, or kurta pajama.

So, pick the choice of clothing style that reflects your taste and personality. Because no matter where you go, your clothes will speak for you.

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