The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Shalwar kameez

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Shalwar kameez

The Shalwar kameez is the most classic and adaptable traditional attire for men. This iconic fit can be worn at various events, including casual gatherings, formal settings, festivals, wedding ceremonies, or at work. It upgrades the overall look and appearance regardless of the occasion.

One can’t help adding new kameez shalwar to their wardrobe on every occasion. So too many traditional wears are still insufficient because a little versatility is essential to level up your style game. The ultimate guide to cultural attire is the answer to every question that usually comes before choosing an outfit for the occasion is here.

Why Choose Shalwar Kameez?

Due to the comfort and ease it offers, the traditional outfit is preferred over all types of clothing for every occasion. Designers have adapted to follow the new upcoming trends to make the outfit modish and stylish that fit causal, formal, and semi-formal requirements. As it is considered an Islamic Dress, due to its cultural significance, it never gets out of style. It's designed according to the latest fashion trends with new styles, fabrics, and colors.   

Elements of Kameez Shalwar

Before we dive into the details, let's explore why it's essential to carefully pick the outfit according to your style and personality. The attire includes:


The long straight top should be chosen according to the length, style, and fit.

  • Length:

From short knee-length shirts to ankle-length tops, there’s a spectrum of kameez lengths. The style is versatile ranging from simple, and classic to intricately designed patterns and embroidery.

  • Sleeve Length and Type:

There are two basic sleeve designs. So, carefully select the sleeve design when buying one. The attire features full sleeves, with either a narrow-hemmed cuff with buttons for a contemporary touch to straight full-length bell leaves for a traditional touch giving a more streamlined appearance.

  • Neckline and Collar Styles:

From stylish contemporary embroidery work around the collar and neckline to plain and simple collar styles with a soft round or spread collar or a band/ mandarin traditional collar fulfilling the distinct needs of fashion-conscious individuals.


It’s a lower garment that covers the waist to the ankles and is widely worn in South Asia

  • Traditional vs Modern:

Based on your personal preference choose between traditional loose-fitted baggy shalwar or modern slim-fit bottoms. There are 3 styles of shalwar commonly preferred for daily wear. The three types are:

  1. Punjabi Style

 The go-to style that fits with every type of kameez and kurta. It’s a straight, slim-fitted shalwar. It's quite roomy and comfortable.

  1. Afghani Shalwar

It's a traditional garment used in Afghanistan with a top similar to a long robe. The shalwar has multiple pleats and tends to be loose. Often paired with short knee-length tops or robes on certain festive occasions.

  1. Pajama/Trousers

The often-preferred contemporary style of bottoms are trousers, the straight-cut piece of cloth covering both legs separately with a buttoned, elastic waistband similar to western pants.

  • Tapering and Length

The length varies from above the ankle to full length, with either tapered or loose hemmed ankles.

  • Waistband and Fit

It comes in a variety from being elastic, buttoned, or with a drawstring ensuring a comfortable fit and ease of movement.

Fits you can opt for

When it comes to buying the perfect outfit, the “FIT” is the key. It's important to be aware of the difference between the types of fits before making a purchase, as every style has its own pros and cons. To cater to all body sizes, the brands create three fittings for men, tailored, slim, and regular fit.

  • Tailored Fit

This type of fit offers a more flattering and slimming silhouette as it helps to camouflage certain areas of your body. It's often designed for men with larger or muscular body physiques, although it’s not as slim as slim fit suits. It's most suitable for men who need a streamlined tapered fir with smooth cut lines that are not too fitted or baggy. Hence a perfect choice for you if you’re a modern, fashion-conscious person.

  • Slim fit

This type is narrower at the chest and shoulders with fitted waist and narrower trousers, creating a fitted look. It's often preferred by individuals who want a taller look. It creates a larger appearance so it is best suited for men with thinner builds.

  • Regular Fit

It's neither too tight nor too fit. It gives a comfortable experience as it's loose around the chest and shoulders and wider at the waist and hips. It’s the most popular style for centuries and gives a classic look.

Choosing the Fit that Suits your Physique

Choosing the fit that is “just right for you” can sometimes be hard to decide. But the key is to understand your body type and learn which fit suits you the best. If you want a classic or traditional look, choose a regular fit suit. Go with either a slim or tailored suit, if you're looking for a contemporary modish style. Before choosing the style, be sure that it fits you comfortably without being too loose or tight for your body size.

Styles of Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar Kameez comes in a variety of styles. Due to its versatility, it's adopted in almost every region in Pakistan and across borders as well. Some common types are:

  • Traditional suit

The classic fit known for its versatility and the wide range of options offered, is everyone's favorite. This comes with either a longer or a knee-length short shirt with a straight cut. The shalwar often provides a relaxed silhouette vibe and is loosely fitted with an elastic or drawstring waistband. It comes in handy when it comes to an everyday wear choice, and not just that but is widely worn in casual social formal/informal gatherings to work settings.

  • Short Kurta Pajama

the ideal blend of classic and modernity, this contemporary ensemble is widely used by the newer generation. The short kurta, higher than the knees and covering half of the thighs comes with a regular fit straight cut trousers. It is preferred on occasions including casual daily wear and family gatherings.

  • Afghani Suit

If you're looking for a minimalistic yet comfortable look, this should be your choice. This attire typically has a shorter knee-length simply designed kameez paired with a straight-cut shalwar that is narrow at the ankles. It is often worn at casual and semi-formal events.

Selecting the Right Fabric

There is a countless number of fabrics being used to create a new style.

  • Common Fabrics

Depending on the occasion one can choose from a wide variety of fabrics, which includes: silk, linen, lawn, cotton, chiffon, satin, and many more.

  • Seasonal Options

Be it summer or winter, depending on the season you can opt for fabrics like lawn for summer and khaddar for winter.

  • Quality

Breathable fabrics should be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a comfortable and relaxed fit.

Tips to Style Your Fit

  • Occasion-appropriate Styling

Adapt your styling according to the occasion. Go with classic wear for casual outings, layering up your traditional wear with waistcoats, and shawls and pairing with footwear for weddings and festivals.

  • Accessorize & Enhance your look

Your outfit isn’t complete unless you accessorize, opt for watches, pocket squares, brooches, rings, and obviously the perfect sunshades for a semi or formal look.

  • Complete the Look with Footwear

 Choosing the right pair of shoes that complement the look, adds magic, and gives a finishing touch. Footwear like loafers, Khussa, and leather sandals, are preferred for a formal look.

Budget Guide

Before making a purchase always consider your budget, personal style, and occasion you are shopping for. Make sure to make a trip budget-friendly and worthwhile by exploring all sorts of options from ready-made affordable fits to unstitched pieces and branded designer outfits.


This comprehensive guide is the solution to all your problems. Styling tips and useful insights all in one place. Use it to explore your style, and taste, and elevate your style.

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